Thank you so much for my recent reiki treatment. I have been in desperate need of some good energy and positive vibes lately and Michelle brought exactly that. Her vibe is so positive and welcoming I immediately felt super relaxed and in safe hands.
The reiki itself was amazing and after it I physically felt much lighter and rejuvenated. She did such an amazing job to rid my body of stagnant negative energy and help me to work on releasing the blockages inside me.
After the treatment we did oracle cards, the full time doing which I was so shocked at how relevant they were to my current situation and they really were exactly what I needed to hear, a lovely bit of guidance.
That night I slept incredibly after what felt like more negative energy releasing itself from my body and the next day I felt so much better and lighter. Even my full room felt lighter.
I am soo grateful for this as I felt in such a negative little slump before and this reiki session has definitley rejuvenated me. I cannot wait for the next one.
Thank you so much Michelle, super glad our paths crossed!

Molly, Scotland

I did my first Reiki session with Michelle and I have to say that from the very beginning she was very welcoming and open to questions. I felt that I can consult freely with her about my thoughts. It feels good to have a conversation before the session because it calms you down for the hectic life that we live in. Michelle guides you at the beginning and I was feeling that the energy was flowing over my body. I felt very comfortable and protected, thats why I felt that it was shorter that what actually was! After the healing we were discussing about different feelings that she had and I felt that they were resembling my current situation. We were discussing about certain discomforts and ways of diminish them. I just want to thank you, for this session and to approach this discipline to me. I’m looking forward to have the next one!

Marivi, Spain

Dear Michelle, I can’t thank you enough for our reiki healing session! It was my first time trying out meditation and you took time to explain all the steps you were about to perform and possible effects afterwards. throughout the meditation I have been feeling really comfortable, safe, and foremost I’ve experienced something I have never experienced before- I was literally feeling my energy flowing through the body and also pulsating & pressure point in my forehead- the third eye has opened!!
After the session we discussed my blockages and problems I am currently struggling with and you gave me very useful pieces of advice and tips to solve them and to regain even energy balance. afterwards, we tried the Oracle cards and I pulled the cards that presented the exact things we discussed before- I couldn’t believe it! It was such a magical experience to me and I feel sooo much better afterwards, my mood is better and I feel more energized as well
the session has motivated me to work on myself harder and built stronger relationship with myself
I would strongly recommend everyone to try a reiki healing session with you! you are such a warm, kind-hearted and emphatic soul and I’m truly grateful I got to know you! Looking forward to see you again soon

Katja, Poland

Michelle doesn’t just “get the job done”. She truly takes her time to connect with your energy and tune into her own intuition. Michelle also guides you through the whole process, before, during and after. Expect to hear from her days before your appointment and also afterwards to check on your progress. Her approach is clear, yet she lets you keep a record of the advice she gives you for future reference. What amazed me the most was that during her Reiki practice she was able to identify an ailment I have had before – and which I had already forgotten about. By unblocking the affected area, she was able to release traumas and blocked energy. A true healer with a great vibe! Recommended!

Ana, Portugal

My first Reiki session I ever had was with Michelle in person at my place. It was such a wonderful experience! I had no expectations and it was incredible & surprising to feel so calm and chilled afterwards. Like I’d woken out of a deep sleep but without having slept! And it was the same with the distance session I just had!!!! It was strange to me how I just dropped into this relaxed state during the session, randomly twitching, feeling a kind of buzz/vibration over different chakras even a wave of emotion coming over me for a moment at one point. And then waking with this sense of peace. The biggest thing for me was the clarity, creativity and flow of things I experienced afterwards! And synchronicities coming from every direction! Things in my life aligning & hearing from people I’d not heard from in ages or that I needed to resolve something with. Crazily, Wonderfully, Amazing. Thanks Michelle!

Colette, Australia

Michelle is such a breath of fresh air as soon as she enters your home, and has such a calming presence. I had some distance reiki done in past and have enjoyed getting it done at the start of every year for the past few years, but this year I decided to get it done in person and was drawn to Michelle to be that person. She guides you through the experience and briefs you with what sensations you might feel, and is very reassuring. After the session I felt so light and energetic, it was as though all these feelings, tension and energies that had built up had somehow been released. We also did an oracle reading which coincidentally related to what she had picked up on my reiki session. And that night I had the most amazing sleep and woke up feeling brand new!
Thanks Michelle for such a lovely, rejuvenating experience.

Khaliza, Australia

My reiki session with Michelle was so good. She was very welcoming. She made sure i am very comfortable with the process.. We had a long conversation about life after the session, and i felt very light. Her energy is revitalising. She has been very helpful in opening another inner part of me that i dont know or maybe i am not recognizing. I have been looking for a reiki master in dubai for quite sometime and i am really glad to be connected with Michelle. I will definitely see her again for future sessions!

Eric, Philippines

Michelle is great . I’ve done one session with her so far and it was amazing. Felt so in control of my emotions and so positive afterwards . She brings in so much positive vibes and energy , it’s perfect. I’ll definitely do more sessions with her.

Nermin, Egypt

I wanted to thank you once again for an amazing session. After feeling miserable and having a headache for a few days the detox did me good. I’m feeling absolutely amazing. It’s been a while since I had reiki done on me so I definitely felt every bit of difference. Thanks so much for your continuous support, guidance and checking up on. That is something I had never got from previous reiki sessions with others. I will see you soon

Jerusha, South Africa

Writing to the recommend most effective reiki master from someone who travels for their job the constant crossing of time zones took a toll on my body ( mentally and physically).
I was left burnt out and anxious from bad rest and nervous energy.
After meeting Michelle I felt immediately at ease with her. Her calmness and contagious zen overcome me. After my session with her I had the best / most restful sleep I remember having. Years of tension melted away. With my ongoing sessions with her, it’s made me more present and I am able to focus on what’s important to me and continued to have restful sleep.

Bradley, Australia

I highly recommend Michelle. I had a relaxing experience. I went to Michelle as I felt a bit lost and stuck in my life, I was having post -surgery pain in my abdomen. I was truly moved and inspired after my session with her. The pain on my left side which had been causing me pain for the last few months disappeared and hasn’t returned. I was able to release old emotions and really work through past events in my life, some that I didn’t even realise I was holding onto.
Michelle holds such a safe space, and really guided me through the experience.You feel like you are safe, supported and held.
I couldn’t recommend Michelle enough to work through life stuff with. Experiencing reiki was an enriching and rejuvenating experience. Thank you Michelle

Pippa, Australia

During the first session I experience with Michelle, it was a journey inside myself, where I could see vivid illustrations within my mind. I was always trying to get deeper to discover more about these illustrations I could see but it was hard. It was like thousands of conversations and thoughts where I was able to hold between and my subconscious. Normally I let go of things that always bother me but in the session, I would cry externally from old wounds that refused to be healed. I am not 100% healed or better yet however I am in more in-tune with my emotions or thoughts 100 thousand times more now.

Mohamed, Egypt

Today has been 5 days since my Reiki session with you and I feel so grounded and in tune with myself. It’s a weird feeling almost like at peace.
Thank you so much for the experience and it’s been such a pleasure meeting such an amazing and nurturing soul. Lots of love and light. Stay blessed.

Arisha, South Africa

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